Paint Your Own Pottery : How It Works
1.  You choose a blank piece of pottery from our range of over 400 items.
2.  We sit down with you, talk you through how the special ceramic paints work, and give you lots of tips, hints, & advice.
3.  You paint your chosen piece of pottery, in your own design or style.
4.  Once painted, you leave your piece with us for glazing & firing.  It's ready for collection (or we can post it to you) a few days later.
5.  You get it, you see it, you gasp!  Your finished piece of glazed pottery is amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be artistic?

Absolutely not!  We have lots of tried-and-tested techniques that work brilliantly and don't require an ounce of artistic ability.  We guarantee that you'll be able to produce a fabulous piece of painted pottery, however arty or not you are.  And we also guarantee that you'll enjoy doing it!

How much does it cost?

The price you pay is just the cost of the piece of pottery you choose to paint.  Every item in our studio is individually and clearly marked with a price, and prices start at £4 per item. 

There's no studio/session fee to add to the cost of your piece of pottery, and the item's price includes:

  • the pottery itself
  • the ceramic paints you'll use
  • your time in the studio
  • our help (as much or as little as you need), and
  • the glazing & firing of your piece. 

(We do, though, charge a cover fee of £4 per adult or £3 per child/concession, if you come back to carry on working on a piece in our studio on another day.  This is just a small contribution towards our studio running costs, and the provision of the environment you're enjoying.  Fair enough?)

Some typical prices are:

Mugs : £9 - £16 each

Plates : £14 (sandwich size), £18 (dinner size)

Ceral or Dessert Bowls : £10 - £18

Coasters : £4-£6 each

Children's figurines: £4 - £18 (average around £10 each).

Do I have to book?

It's always a good idea to book if you can.  At weekends it can be necessary in order to be sure of a place, & during school holidays it's often essential.  At other times, you may be able to just turn up - but it's still best to book if you can.  To book, just call us on 01531 636019; or email us at .

It's just for kids isn't it?

Nope! Although we do have a lot of kids painting pottery, we also have a lot of adults .  And the wonderful surprise for adults, if you haven't done it before, is that pottery-painting is so relaxing - it's fantastic therapy and will leave you feeling amazingly chilled.  We run evening pottery-painting sessions for adults only, so you can leave the kids at home & come along for some quality "me time"; or of course you can come any time we're open during the day.

How long until my pottery is glazed and fired?

Your finished piece of pottery will usually be glazed, fired, and ready for collection one week from when you leave it with us.  However if you need it more quickly, simply have a word with us as we may be able to speed it through for you.  If you're just visiting the area and not around for very long, we can always post your items on to you when they've been glazed and fired. 

We also have technqiues you can use which don't involve glazing & firing, where you can take your finished piece of pottery away with you on the day.  (These techniques tend to be best for ornamental pieces, as they won't necessarily withstand being washed up & therefore aren't ideal for dinnerwear).

Will my pottery be dishwasher-safe?

Yes - if you're painting a piece that will be glazed & fired, it'll be dishwasher-safe just like any item of glazed dinnerware you might buy in the shops.  However - (again just like any item of glazed dinnerware you might buy in the shops) - it could also get chipped or damaged in the dishwasher.  So if the item is precious to you, careful washing up by hand might be best.

If you're using our other techniques, which don't involve glazing & firing, the results may not be dishwasher-proof.  If in any doubt, just ask us for further information or guidance.