During the Covid-19 lockdown our studio is
sadly closed for pottery-painting.
But you can still paint pottery - in your own home - with our
great new "click and collect" takeaway kits!

Just 4 simple steps:

♦  Choose your pottery and paints on the two Click-and-Collect pages; add items to your basket and pay by card or from your Paypal balance, via our secure online checkout.


♦  Collect your Home Pottery-Painting Kit from our studio, during one of our click-and-collect opening times - we'll let you know when the next ones are.  (Social Distancing rules will be in force).


♦  ​Unpack your kit at home, read through the helpful guidance & tips we've included, and off you go!  Enjoy the wonderful fun, and the much-needed chillaxation, of painting your own pottery.  And..... ahhhhh, just breathe!


♦  Bring your finished pottery back to the studio during a designated opening time, and leave it with us to be glazed & fired.  It'll be ready to collect 2 weeks later*. 
( *longer than our usual 1-week turnaround, as we'll wait 72 hours before we touch your finished pottery; & as we won't be working at the studio every day).


And if you have any questions, or need any help at any time, just contact us - we'll be glad to help!  Send us a Facebook message, or if you don't use Facebook email us at contactglazydayz@gmail.com; & we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


So now, let's go ahead and choose your click-and-collect Home Pottery-Painting kit!
On the next two pages, first choose your pottery; & then choose your paints.  

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