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Click & Collect Paint

Welcome to our Click & Collect paint selection

Browse our colours below to see what takes your fancy!

30 Colours to choose from

There are 30 colours to choose from, all shown in this colour chart.  You will receive a laminated copy of this when you order a click & collect starter kit.  The chart shows what the colours look like after firing in the kiln.

pottery colour chart

Choose From

Simply choose your paints from the options below...


You might like to begin with the £5 Starter Set of paints & brushes, which includes a small pot of black, plus larger pots of 5 of our most popular colours:
     No.2    :  Sunshine Yellow
     No.8    :  Bright Red
     No.10  :  Bright Pink
     No.17  :  Bright Blue
     No. 25 :  Grass Green

And/or you can choose individual pots of colour from our full range, for just £0.75 each.

pottery starter kit
potery colour chart

Starter Set

A set containing five of our most popular colours:
- No.2 Sunshine Yellow
- No.8 Bright Red
- No.10 Bright Pink
- No.17 Bright Blue
- No.25 Grass Green


PLUS a small pot of black and two new paintbrushes (one thin, one thick).

OR you can choose your own 5 colours from our range of 30 to make your own customised Starter Set. Just let us know which 5 colours you'd like!

Our 30 Colours

An individual pot of paint, in any of our 30 colours, costs £0.75.

Just choose as many or as few colours as you'd like & order each one by its number on the colour chart.

Black & White

Black and white aren't shown on our colour chart (we think you know what black & white look like!) but these are available to purchase.

A pot of black or white paint is priced the same as the other colours at £0.75.

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