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Silver Jewellery

Handmade Gifts in Ledbury


silver jewellery gifts ledbury

Our beautiful range of 99.9% solid silver jewellery can be personalised with hand and foot prints from babies, children and adults - and even your pets' paw prints.

We'll give you the guidance & materials your need to take prints at your home, using a clean and mess-free process. 


Return the prints to us, and we'll transform them into a moulded solid silver piece of jewellery, with the name or your personal message imprinted. 

handmade jewellery ledbury

These pendants and charms are available in a variety of shapes. You can also choose from cufflinks, key-rings, bookmarks & other solid silver items for your foot, hand, or paw prints.  See the gallery further down this page for a selection of the designs on offer.  We also now offer imprints onto leather key fobs - so you can keep your loved ones' prints with you wherever you go!

Ledbury Jewellery

All items are supplied gift-boxed.

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